Electronics: Top 10 Best Selling Brands in Ghana


Electronics are the order of the day. Electronics like air-conditioners, televisions, refrigerators, etc., play vital roles in our daily lives. Electronics have wide usage from our homes to our offices, but the big “BUT” here is the brand you buy from makes the difference. This article will examine the top brands selling fast in Ghana and why people prefer them.

What are the most demanding electronics online?

Most demanding electrical gadgets online include television sets, air-conditioners, sound systems, laptops, etc. These devices have a wide consumer range from students, teachers, health professionals, and others.

Which products are in high demand in Ghana?

In Ghana, electrical devices that are in high demand are mobile phones. The average Ghanaian may have in possession of 1 or 2 mobile phones. Mobile phones sell faster in Ghana than other gadgets.

What business can I start with 2,000 Ghana Cedis?

Country Electronic Ghana sells affordable electrical gadgets, and for as low as GHS 2000, one can buy and resell a product as a way of profit making from the Buy-and-Sell business.

  • List of Top selling electronic brands in Ghana
    • Hisense
    • Samsung
    • Nasco
    • Midea
    • Tecno
    • Nokia
    • Itel
    • Binatone
    • Hp
    • Lenovo

Popular electronics in Ghana

1) Hisense

Hisense took popularity in the electronic gadget market in Ghana not long ago. Hisense Ghana Limited is preferred by most for products like refrigerators, televisions etc. The brand serves the market with quality and affordable electrical devices. Though it’s an overseas company, they have still managed to win the heart of Ghanaians. 

How much is Hisense in Ghana?

A Hisense mobile phone sold in Ghana prices will range from GHS 250.00 to about GHS 1000.00.

2) Samsung

The Samsung brand is a globally loved brand popularly known for its Galaxy mobile phones. Not the best time to compare a Samsung to iPhone; that will be in another article. As it stands, a good decent salary who may not fancy an iOS phone will make Samsung mobile phone a choice. Samsung products are classy and economical. The brand manufactures mobile phones and laptops, televisions, digital wristwatches, and many more. 


3) Nasco

Nasco is gradually pushing its way into the Ghanaian market. The number of consumers for Nasco products keeps increasing for these two reasons. One is that Ghanaians see the prices lower than other brands, and the second is that Nasco products consume fewer electricity charges. 

4) Midea

Midea is well known for air-conditioners. When selecting an air-conditioner for your homes, offices, and laboratory, you may consider the brand Midea.

5) Tecno

Tecno is known when it comes to smartphones. They deal in the best smartphones that favor the average Ghanaian in phone pricing, battery strength, and camera quality. 

6) Nokia

Nokia used to be the leading brand for mobile phones in Ghana until the company went off for some time. The company showed up in the system with its latest smartphones. Loyalty is everything; the consumption rate of Nokia phones in Ghana is excellent. 

7) Itel

Itel electronics can be ranked as gadgets for all. Itel phones are cheaper and can be afforded as low as GHS 250.00.

8) Binatone

For many years, this brand has been known for the best kitchenware, like blender standing and ceiling fans. They have the best and most affordable technologies for your home.

9) Hp

The Hp brand is reliable for laptops for gaming, graphic design, and office use. They have computer products for schools, homes, and any purpose you intend to use.

10) Lenovo

The last of the last but not the worst is Lenovo. Over the years, this company has understood the need for long-lasting laptop battery power. When fully charged, Lenovo laptop batteries can go as long as 8 – 10 hours; this makes their product the best for a country with unstable electricity.


Factors like pricing and electricity consumption have put these electronics companies above the fast-selling brands in Ghana.

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